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  • Washbasin types explained

    Single basin

    A single basin is designed to serve one man needs.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Vanity basin

    A vanity washbasin is specifically designed to fit the contour of the matching basin furniture, creating a clean, tidy look with all clutter out of sight in the furniture unit below.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Vessel basin

    Vessel washbasins are designed to sit elegantly on top of basin units or worktops. Separate taps mounted into the worktop lend a look of hotel-style luxury, while a mixer mounted on the vessel’s deck (where available) gives a more contemporary feel.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Countertop basin

    Countertop washbasins are designed to be set into a countertop or basin furniture unit, concealing all the pipework, and of course any bathroom clutter, below, to give you a clean, tidy bathroom.

  • Washbasin types explained


    Semi-countertop washbasins are only partly recessed into furniture, hiding the pipework and the usual bathroom clutter, but are more comfortable to bend over than a fully-recessed countertop washbasin.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Corner basin

    Special basin designed to fit at 45 degrees into the corner, making it possible to use awkwardly shaped bathrooms or cloakrooms.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Double basin

    A double basin is designed to serve two men needs. It needs two tap mixers.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Space-saving basin

    Compact washbasins that save precious space in the bathroom by using a bowl design that doesn’t extend as far forwards as a standard washbasin.

  • Washbasin types explained

    Handwash basin

    Very compact washbasins for hand washing only specially designed to fit in cloakrooms and older properties where the WC is separate from the bathroom.


Choose single or double basins, with narrow or wide surrounds. Specify square or round, then match them to the furniture and the fittings