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Comfort™ 80 easy move frame

Product code: R0145

  • Suitable to be used with wall mounted WC bowls
  • Easy move frame allows the user to vary the height of a toilet using a remote control
  • Suitable for elderly and people with reduced mobility
  • For application in resistant walls and frontal finishing in masonry or plasterboard walls
  • Adjustable frame with ProSys™ 80, dual flush cistern 6/3 litres
  • Ergonomic system adjustable in height by 150 mm
  • Silent electric engine, power supply: 220V (50/60 Hz), power source: 350 Watt, insulation: IP66
  • Movement velocity of 28 mm/s
  • Push power: 6000N (ca 600 kgf), traction power 3000N (ca 300 kgf), limit switch
  • Frame tested for a load of 400 kg
  • Frame corrosion resistant & resistant to scratches
  • Easy and quick installation with Easy-Fix system
  • Sheet of tempered glass front cover in black or white (6x400x1345 mm)
  • Built-in tank with front mechanical actuation, possible pneumatic or electronic transforming by kits available as separate order
  • Reservoir in polypropylene (PP) very resistant and unalterable to thermal stresses, supplied with anti-condensation lining
  • SmartValve (saves up to 9 litres of water per day), CE marking EN 14055 CL1, silent valve according to the NF standard category Class I, tank 74 mm thickness, 6 water supply connections
  • Accessories Included:
  • - Flexible outlet pipe
  • - Remote activation, wireless
  • - Electric engine
  • - Wall-fixing material and pan fixing material
  • - Inlet and outlet pan connection
  • - Bowl rubber seal Ø45 mm
  • For assembly with control plates (separate order):
  • - Mechanical control plates: Oleas™ M1, M2, M3, M4; Solea M1, M2; Septa Pro M1,M2 or Mechanical control plates (in combination with SmartFlush kit R018667): Oleas™ SmartFlush M1, M2
  • - SmartFlush kit (in combination with Mechanical control plates Oleas™ SmartFlush M1, M2) R018667 or Pneumatic control plates (in combination with Pneumatic conversation kit R014967): Oleas™ P1, P2,P3; Solea P1,P2; Septa Pro P1, P2, P3, P4, P5; Septa XS P1,P2
  • - Pneumatic conversation kit (in combination with pneumatic control plates) R014967 or Touchless control plates Symfo™, Altes™ (in combination with Mains Kit R015067 or SmartForce conversation kit R019167)
  • - Kit for Touchless/Sensor control plates Mains – 100-240V AC / 6.75V DC R015067
  • - SmartForce conversation kit - saves energy: SmartForce technology harnesses the power of water in motion to generate enough energy to power a no-touch control plate R019167 or Electronic/IR control plates (in combination with Kit for Electronic/IR control plate conversion R015167): Septa Pro E1,E2
  • - Kit for Electronic/IR control plate conversion R015167
  • Optionals:
  • - Corner installation kit (Enables the installation of WCs in bathroom corners), compatible with ProSys™ 120 and ProSys™ 80 frames and freestanding frames (R018567)
  • - Flow rate reducer (reduces flow rate to avoid splashing), compatible with ProSys™ 80 (R019867)
  • - Acoustic insulation for wall-hung pan and bidet (R017467)
  • - Noise insulation kit - frame to floor (Avoids direct contact betweenthe frame and the floor) (R010667)

Key features & benefits

  • Concealed cistern

Finishes available:

  • Black (Product code:R0145A6)