All of our products are thoroughly lab-tested during development, and undergo stress, endurance, noise and hydraulic testing. We follow strict processes of certification, including NF and WRAS, so that our customers are aware that our quality meets the highest standards.

The ProSys™ systems have a range of advanced features that enable easy installation and tool-free servicing, save energy and water, and improve hygiene.

SmartValve saves water

SmartValve is a versatile product with reduced dimensions, a counter-pressure closing system, is quick filling and effective at any network pressure. Water waste is avoided during flushing by only allowing water into the cistern after the flush valve is closed. This saves approximately 0.5 litres of water per flush.

It is also quiet –certified to NF standard acoustic class 1.

SmartValve comes in all ProSys™ Ideal Standard cisterns. 

SmartFlush improves hygiene

A self-contained system within the cistern that dispenses liquid detergent with every flush.

The sanitising liquid is stored in a separate container inside the cistern which eliminates the risk of retro-contamination. It is fast and easy to refill with various liquid WC disinfectants. 

The SmartFlush system is available as a separate kit and can be fitted with all ProSys™ Ideal Standard cisterns.

SmartForce saves energy

This technology harnesses the power of water in motion to generate enough energy to power a no-touch control plate. It does not require a connection to the electrical grid or the replacement of batteries.

The system is available with our Symfo™ and Altes™ flush plates, which use just the approach of a hand to activate the flush.
It is compatible with the ProSys™ 120 and ProSys™ 80 cisterns, availbale as a separate actuation conversion kit.

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