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  • The Eternal Value of Design

    Our partnership with Palomba Serafini Associati is our latest collaboration with a modern day master of design. Developed to realise any vision and compliment any composition, these collections will evolve and grow over time, encompassing Heritage, Modern and Future designs.

  • The Eternal Value of Design

    Everything is considered: heritage informs our future, form follows function, design is vital, craft is essential, experience is everything and quality is second to none.

  • The Eternal Value of Design

    Together we work to create a seamless connection between functional perfection and aesthetic beauty.
    This is what we call the Eternal Value of Design.


Tracing our past, forging our future

Designed by Palomba Serafini Associati, Conca's philosophy is formed by the functional and aesthetic value of the geometrical structure in architecture, in design and in the figurative arts.


Challenging convention, redefining lightness

Our Ipalyss collection goes beyond beauty delivered through ultra-thin ceramics and color. In combination with our colored faucets, furniture and accessories, powerful and personal compositions, previously unimaginable, are now possible.

Blend Curve

Simple is Beautiful

Simplicity is about removing the unnecessary and focusing on the essential. Every angle of Blend has been carefully considered to deliver absolute design purity.


The perfect proportions for an evergreen square design.

The EXTRA collection offers a timeless vision, a deep range from the absolute rigor of minimalism to the most radical look, from the combination with classic line taps to the combination with modern style elements.


Much more than a cylindrical tap

A single fusion revealed to the organic shapes emphasizes the elegance of the body and the solidity of a minimal, never banal, collection that knows how to surprise in its simplicity.


Find your Shade, Express your Style

A true statement piece. Elegant and sophisticated. The sculptured design of Around delivers an iconic aesthetic that creates an immediate focal point within any space.


Tonic II

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