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CAD files and installation guides

  • Active


    A range of contemporary, sensuous and superbly contoured fittings.

    As well as boasting sleek lines, Active is packed full of smart engineering such as precise temperature and water flow control and Cool Body innovation for your family's peace of mind.

    CAD files ZIP (151,53 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (92,19 MB)

  • Alpha New

    Alpha New

    Timeless look

    Ideal Standard – high quality matching mass-design. Ideal Standard offers you the duo-control mixer with best quality for the price that everyone can afford.

    Installation instructions ZIP (21,7 MB)

  • Aqua


    Personalised pleasure

    Aqua celebrates Ideal Standard’s diversity with an extensive range of baths to suit all. With a host of accessories and features, there’s the perfect bath for everybody.

    Installation instructions ZIP (1,24 GB)

  • Archimodule


    Design freedom, aesthetic perfection.

    This new generation of stylish modular fittings enables you to configure your own unique solution, tailor made to suit your needs and your space.

    Installation instructions ZIP (560,07 MB)

  • Attitude


    Aesthetics meet precision performance

    Attitude is the ultimate fitting for the modernist it's clean, minimilist lines combine with state of the art functionality to bring you highly superior product in looks and performance.

    CAD files ZIP (52,08 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (7,78 MB)

  • Calla


    Classics make a comeback

    Sometimes, only a classic design will do. Calla, with its soft round styling and retro feel, is a great choice if you want to create a traditional bathroom space.

    CAD files ZIP (9,03 MB)

  • Ceramix Blue

    Ceramix Blue

    A new gerneration in water efficiency.

    With it's intelligent design and precision enginerring, Ceramix Blue perfectly balances your need to reduce water consumption with safety and control.

    CAD files ZIP (112,74 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (12,39 MB)

  • Ceraplan III

    Ceraplan III

    Re-designed for classic beauty

    The contemporary, soft design ensures the range will sit perfectly in any space, enhancing the quality feel of your room within an affordable budget. The timeless nature of the product helps you create your ideal bathroom, as standard.

    CAD files ZIP (119,12 MB)

  • Ceraplus


    Functional elegance

    The range's simple, good value, functional elegance allows you to bring harmony to your entire home. And you will find peace of mind as you allow yourself to relax into a safe reassuring environment. When you touch smooth carefully sculptured fittings your intuition tells you the good value ideas will be with you for a very long time.

    CAD files ZIP (143,67 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (73,55 MB)

  • Ceraspring


    Back to the Nature

    CeraSpring is the mixer demonstrating the new vision of ISI to the future. Turning back to the value of the nature is priority to many producers nowadays. Tomorrow we will enjoy nature friendly cars, that do not pollute the environment, we will breath clearer air, eat more ecological food and the water at our homes will bring us the pleasure that it was giving us through the Mother Earth thousands years ago!

    CAD files ZIP (6,22 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (2,83 MB)

  • Cerasprint


    Classic on the outside, clever on the inside

    From the outside, a simple, elegant tap. On the inside, inteligent ISI technology. Far from your average basic tap, Cerasprint’s minimalist exterior belies a world of clever features that not only enhance your enjoyment but help you save water and resources. And all this at a very modest price.

    CAD files ZIP (147,63 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (81,27 MB)

  • Ceratherm 100 New

    Ceratherm 100 New

    Safe and comfort

    This minimilist exposed valve offers great performance and is safe for all the family.

    CAD files ZIP (78,64 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (9,8 MB)

  • Ceratherm 200 New

    Ceratherm 200 New

    More than safe, more than eco-friendly

    Ergonomically designed, the thermostatic Ceratherm 200 shower valve will suit any bathroom. Intelligent design makes the valve easy to use and clean.

    CAD files ZIP (54,7 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (7,33 MB)

  • Ceratherm 50

    Ceratherm 50

    Maximum comfort

    The robust line, characterized by its powerful design concept, now has an extended and thus exceptionally ergonomic lever as well as optimal proportions. Thermostatic mixers primarily owe its popularity to its durability and reliable technology. These fitting are just the right choice for households with children, with the integrated temperature control providing reliable protection against scalding. In addition, it saves water and energy.

    CAD files ZIP (19,95 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (1,59 MB)

  • Connect


    Simply fit it and forget it.

    Connect is attractive, modern, practical and so low-maintenance you never have to worry about heavy cleaning or complex installation.

    CAD files ZIP (191,68 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (33,44 MB)

  • Connect Blue

    Connect Blue

    Clever design

    As well as containing advanced, water-saving innovations, Connect Blue fittings have complete design harmony with the rest of the Connect range. They add visual highlights to Connect basins, bidets, baths and showers. They’re also ergonomically designed and precision-built so they’re a joy to use. Intelligent too – Connect Blue fittings typically feature Ideal Blue technology that help you save water and energy.

    CAD files ZIP (69,29 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (11,66 MB)

  • Connect Freedom

    Connect Freedom

    CAD files ZIP (78,59 MB)

  • Connect Space

    Connect Space

    Creative space solutions

    Connect Space is specifically designed to provide compact, space saving bathroom products and intelligent storage solutions to help you make the most of all your available space. These products offer a host of innovative new ways to combine a clever use of space, with style. And, of course, Connect Space items are completely compatible with all other Connect family members.

    CAD files ZIP (91,98 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (8,75 MB)

  • Daylight


    Integrated design and intelligent solutions.

    Daylight harmoniously combines sophistication with superior-quality materials and lots of convenient storage space.

    CAD files ZIP (7,62 MB)

  • Dea


    Soft chic

    Indulge in Dea’s softer, more feminine lines and create a personal space that cossets and cocoons. Curved yet controlled, inviting yet elegantly poised, Dea’s beautiful lines offer a perfect balance of chic, high-end design and pure pleasure. Choosing and using your Dea bathroom is a holistic experience, as every element works with you and for you to create an atmosphere of complete serenity.

    CAD files ZIP (103,81 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (453,02 KB)

  • Euroflow New

    Euroflow New

    Long-lasting technology

    For those who admire the classical dual handle style mixers by Ideal Standard we offer a collection with ceramic cartridges and metal handles. Proven quality at the most favorable price.

    Installation instructions ZIP (12,32 MB)

  • Eurovit


    Easy and practical

    The Evrovit collection balances a mix of round and rectangular shapes. Washbasins are attractive thanks to their harmonious line and different sizes and forms, which can be installed with pedestal or semipedestal. Eurovit offers also a wide range and models of toilets and close couples for arranging the bathroom. They are suitable for hotels, office buildings as well as for dwellings. All products offer comfort and additional safety in the bathroom.

    CAD files ZIP (34,82 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (12,95 MB)

  • First


    Surprisingly low

    A range of low-height baths makes bath time even more enjoyable. With the same water capacity as conventional baths, First offers heightened practicality and convenience with a sleek, modern look.

    CAD files ZIP (20,02 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (1,13 GB)

  • GIO


    Emphasis on design

    Dedicated to those who appreciate the simple design and character. Gio is the new line of mixers from Ideal Standard essential feature, the perfect blend of simplicity and style.

    CAD files ZIP (138,14 MB)

  • Idealrain Cube

    Idealrain Cube

    The contemporary choice

    Whether you want a simple shower kit or an all-in-one shower system, Idealrain Cube works. All Idealrain Cube handsprays and head showers are compatible with Ideal Standard thermostats, sliding bars and other Ideal Standard collections. So your shower can follow the geometry and the purity of your overall bathroom design.

    CAD files ZIP (190,04 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (4,34 MB)

  • Idealrain Luxe

    Idealrain Luxe

    Time to relax

    Idealrain Luxe is the new shower heads line with minimal design and thin volumes, designed to privilege the experience of the water. If your bathroom is the place where refuge from the stresses of everyday life, Idealrain Luxe is the perfect solution to your desires. The focus will be on you, with your habits and your rituals, and water, element which purifies and regenerates.

    CAD files ZIP (42,54 MB)

  • Idealrain Pro

    Idealrain Pro

    The robust choice

    We’ve designed and built Idealrain Pro to be ultra durable, and extremely economical in use. Perfect for professional settings; like hotels, public washrooms, civic amenities, airports… The handspray’s slim lines contrast with its strength and reliability. The elegant wall mountings are actually heavy duty fixings. The shower’s performance is outstanding and its looks are long lasting.

    CAD files ZIP (61,83 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (29,38 MB)

  • Idealrain Soft

    Idealrain Soft

    The classically elegant choice

    All Idealrain Classic attachments and fittings are designed to work with each other – and with items from other collections. So you can plan your shower precisely. Choosing a single piece or a whole system. Matching handsprays and thermostats, sliding bars and head showers, to fit your space, budget, style.

    CAD files ZIP (154,28 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (22,87 MB)

  • Installation systems

    Installation systems

    Behind the scene

    The wall-hung toilet&bidet in your bathroom shows your good taste and contemporary design. Ideal Standard installation systems perfectly match with the wall-hung toilet&bidet of our IS collections. They are suitable for installation in bathrooms of all sizes, they have reliable waterproofing and loads up to 400 kg, thanks to a steel frame.

    Installation instructions ZIP (15,13 MB)

  • IOM


    Iom's design and scope of choice bring

    The IOM collection is comprehensive. An affordable, extensive range of accessories.

    Installation instructions ZIP (6,89 MB)

  • Kubo


    Designed for everyday living

    Sleek modern and minimilist, Kubo is luxury withour the price tag. Designed to look and feel sensational, it combines high quality materials with easy manageability for everyday showering pleasure.

    CAD files ZIP (2,3 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (567,13 MB)

  • Magnum


    Pure pleasure

    Presenting the king of shower totems: Magnum. Huge on design, massive on functionality and offering enormous amounts of enjoyment, this is the ultimate choice for XXL showering.

    CAD files ZIP (1,74 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (7,63 MB)

  • Melange


    Advanced enginerring makes a timeless statement

    Simple and beautifully understated, Melange is a timeless range of fittings that will blend effortlessly into any bathroom.

    CAD files ZIP (175,45 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (32,08 MB)

  • Motion


    Pure beauty

    Bearing in mind, the fact that there are as many variations of transforming your bathroom as there are different people, the need of a beautiful bathroom equipped with precision is universal. Find your variant in the variety of different Motion washbasins.

    CAD files ZIP (23,98 MB)

  • Oceane


    Best choice

    Is simple yet ingenious, incorporating the innovative concept of combining perfect quality and reasonable price. If you choose Oceane collection you have total freedom to create bathroom that fit to your lifestyle and needs, and add value to your home.

    CAD files ZIP (5,42 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (8,67 MB)

  • Playa


    Contemporary chic with a twist

    Playa has a simplicity that gives space to your sense of style and self-expression.

    CAD files ZIP (25,85 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (1,04 MB)

  • Reflections


    Suited to today's homes and lifestyles.

    Designed in an Edwardian style with a distinctive, generous bow-fronted basin, scaled to fit the modern home.

    CAD files ZIP (23,71 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (2,12 MB)

  • Retta


    Beautiful, versatile and incredibly practical

    This multi-facetted product range offers high-quality and technically refined kitchen fittings to meet every requirement, budget and taste: the variation with pull-out spray extends the active radius around the sink; an appliance connection valve allows a dishwasher or washing machine to be easily connected.

    CAD files ZIP (45,6 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (14,63 MB)

  • Simply U

    Simply U

    SimplyU is the latest in cutting edge bathroom design.

    Sensual, inviting and minimilist, for sensations fo peace and tranquility.

    Installation instructions ZIP (9,06 MB)

  • Slimline II

    Slimline II

    Evolution of wellknown...

    Slimline II not only inherits all the advantages of its predecessor but brings new trends making it contemporary again. Modern design of the suite and easy-to-clean cast body of bath & shower mixers combined with quality and reliability proved by Slimline make it the best choice for such price.

    CAD files ZIP (172,01 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (53,81 MB)

  • Softmood


    Experience a new sense of harmony in the midst of today's hectic, fast paced world.

    The collections extraordinary flexibility allows you to create a bathroom that's the ideal expression of both your practical requirements and your personal sense of style.

    CAD files ZIP (17,33 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (1,11 MB)

  • Strada


    Strada is the ultimate modern bathroom collection.

    A range of ceramics and furniture brings a pure contemporary edge to the entire bathroom. Superb minimalist shapes meet with top-quality materials to ensure unlimited enjoyment.

    CAD files ZIP (114,89 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (21,07 MB)

  • Tempo


    The right balance between aesthetics and practicality.

    The clean lines and smooth surfaces of the dynamic and generous sizes are designed to improve the functional appearance. This new collection is inspired directly from nature. It is ideal for those who seek the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.

    CAD files ZIP (86,98 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (1,67 MB)

  • Tesi
  • Tipica


    Classic Beauty

    Typica combines elegance and functionality.It's a modern shower enclosure - durable, easy to use and easy to clean, due to its lower profile design.

    Installation instructions ZIP (490,45 KB)

  • Tonic II

    Tonic II

    The alliance of form and function

    Tonic II is more than just a beautifully designed range to wow and entice. It’s a range perfectly tailored to make your life easier. Each product is carefully considered to make using your bathroom space all the more enjoyable.

    CAD files ZIP (194,45 MB)

  • Ultra Flat

    Ultra Flat

    Alluring lines

    For a stunning contemporary touch, while adding space and dynamism to your bathroom space, Ultra Flat shower trays are the perfect accompaniment. Choose from an extensive range of shapes and sizes.

    CAD files ZIP (23,38 MB)

  • Venice


    New wave

    Everlasting design with advanced high tech - is what VENICE as a collection can offer.

    Installation instructions ZIP (7,84 MB)

  • Ventuno


    Perfectly formed

    Streamlined features and soft, harmonious lines, together with functionality, ensure that you make the most of your beauty time.

    CAD files ZIP (27,89 MB)

  • Vito


    Fresh wind for your Bathroom

    If you have chosen Vito you must know that your choice is flawless. The mixers from this collection are perfect combination between quality, reliability, elegancy and price.

    CAD files ZIP (63,71 MB)  |  Installation instructions ZIP (9,51 MB)